Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Ask Egret for help

when you are repressed:

Help me to move around so I don’t become bogged down by my emotions. Show me how to explore different dimensions and to follow my own path to happiness in my own time and at my own pace. Give me the strength to resist pressure.

(c) This image of an egret was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Australia is home to five different varieties of Egret, the white heron that develops plumes in the mating season.

Although one species of Egret, the cattle egret, feeds with livestock by catching insects and toads disturbed by grazing animals, most Egrets feed by wading in shallow water using their sharp bills to spear fish.

Egret’s incredibly long legs and flexible feeding fashion remind you that you have the ability to move about easily at this time when you need to stand up to strong pressure. Quite often this pressure will be exerted by those you are closest to, like your family and friends, who will try to make your choices for you.

While you need to be aware of your emotions, you can wade easily through emotions now just as the Egret wades through deep water.

Just don’t lose your temper and kick up the bottom mud; if you do you will only gain a fleeting satisfaction and you will lose sight of your goal like a feeding egret in muddy water.

Don’t get stuck in one place now; you need to explore various activities and dimensions at this time. You need to move around. Like the egret, you can easily check the deeper secrets of life under water and still remain connected to earth.

Again like the egret, you don’t need too many people in your life now and you don’t need to keep up with others. Now is the time for you to follow your own path.

Don’t worry about friends or family who accuse you of hesitating or of putting things off.

Listen to your own heart and explore in your own way and your own time. If one way doesn’t work for you, another will.