Look up to the skies and see ....  


23rd October – 21st November


Emu occupies the same stars as the constellation of Hercules. An alternative Greek name for this constellation was Engonasin, meaning on his knees or the kneeler. This is odd considering the personality of those people born to this sign, because kneeling is not something that Emus do well unless they need to look after their chicks. The male emu incubates the eggs and the young birds stay with their father for up to 18 months – so when you see a large adult emu followed by chicks, you’re watching the children following Daddy rather than Mummy because Mummy left ages ago on secret women’s business.


Emu challenges our common human beliefs that the mother is the natural caregiver of the young for every species. Emu also asks you if you are you looking clearly at what’s happening, or are you sifting your experiences through your own belief system?  You may be seeing the current situation inappropriately by assuming that the large adult with the chicks is a female. Emus have an odd sense of humour and like to encourage you into questioning beliefs you may never have questioned before.


Emus are flexible thinkers. They are able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary which makes them very adaptable and versatile. Emus are also fiercely independent who can accomplish anything they put their mind to and they won't give up. Ever. Emus are perfectly suited to being on their own and some actually prefer to live on their own. This ensures that there is never any issue of who controls what at home because emus prefer to be in control. Relationships with Emus are always complicated just like the emu personality and their relationships can be a series of extremes. Emus can be moody for no apparent reason, and wander off just when you would expect them to stay close. Emus can be possessive, they can be jealous, but on the other hand, they will be extremely loyal to their true friends. Emus possess an excellent memory and can hold a grudge forever against someone who did them wrong. Although they rarely forgive and forget, any kindness done for an emu will gain trust and respect which is the most important part of any relationship with an emu. If you are honest with your emu friends, you will gain an amazing friend who will never forget and will always be loyal.


Despite their odd sense of humour, emus are very grounded birds and like keeping their feet firmly on safe earth. They distrust flightiness and will tend to bring the situation back to earth rather than being up in the air or intellectualising everything. This is why emus can become excellent doctors, surgeons, scientists and leaders. Emus prefer work that makes a difference in the world, impacts people and society and, despite their need to help others, prefer positions that offer power. Emus can be ambitious, persistent and determined and can also become wealthy but are usually conservative about spending their money. Emus like to be totally aware of a situation and always know what's going on. They can also use their probing mind to explore the occult, the paranormal, conspiracy theories and other types of similar unknown mysteries.




EMU (c) Linda Karen Godden created this original art and retains copyright. Please do not copy without Linda's permission.