Look up to the skies and see ....  


DUIR, or the Oak, is influenced by the planet Jupiter and is the Celtic sign for people born between 10 June [an t-Ogmios] and 7 July [an t-Iuchar].

Oak was an important symbol in Druidic lore, as it is strong, tall and very long-lived.

The personality opposites for this sign are fatherly/dominating. The traditional Zodiac association is Gemini and Cancer. The tarot equivalent is the Emperor. Their rank is Chieftain. The Element for this sign is Fire.

The animal symbol is the wren, the Celtic king of birds, which symbolises wit and subtlety. Those born in this sign need to learn how to temper pride with humour or they may become pompous and overbearing.

Oak people are determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic and responsible. Natural leaders, they remain calm in a crisis and are not easily swayed by opposition. Although they can be very serious, they are also cheerful and optimistic and do not give up easily.

Those born under this sign have strength of character and purpose to endure, no matter what challenges. Direct your energies wisely.