Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Ask Dolphin for help with trust:

I ask for healing on a deep level. Let me communicate easily and cooperate with others to achieve balance. Let me trust so I may bask in the sunshine, knowing that harmony and healing is mine. Let me use my inner knowledge to find my way and develop wisdom. Let me accept on a soul level that all is well and that all I ever need to do is remember how to breathe.

(c) This image of a dolphin was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Bottlenose dolphins are intelligent and sociable, often riding the bow waves of boats or swimming close to humans in the shallows. The first European settlers in Queensland recorded wild dolphins and Aboriginal hunters co-operating to trap fish. Even today at the Billabong Carnival dolphins are ritually called to bless the event and every year the dolphins come to the event. Another pod of dolphins regularly visit Monkey Mia in Western Australia, becoming the focus of a tourist industry. Yet another West Australian pod were first thought by scientists to have deformed faces or even to be a new species but what looked originally to be spongy growths were actual sponges the dolphins were using to nose over the sands of their feeding grounds to disturb their prey. The dolphins used the sponges as a buffer to protect their own tender skins from the rough sands.

Dolphins communicate with each other in many ways using body language like splashing or blowing bubbles, smell, sound, sight and touch. This tells you not to limit your communication methods, do whatever you need to get your message across now. By choosing the dolphin card, you are telling yourself that God’s in his heaven and all is provided to those who trust. You too can develop the wisdom to let go and swim trustingly with the crowd. You know, like dolphins, you can get your message across at this time, one way or another.

Dolphins can help you try a different way by using the magic of healing on a deep, instinctive level. When the Monkey Mia pod was visited by emotionally fragile children, the dolphins swam closer to these children and carers. The carers initially voted the adventure a success because the children enjoyed the experience but the real magic came later, when the carers realised there was a real and measurable improvement in the emotional health of the children. This Dolphin magic is about freedom and change; discovery and trust; balance and harmony. All is right with your world. Don’t worry. All you have to do is be like Dolphin; remember to breathe and to trust and you will develop the power to call into your life what you most desire.