Element: Earth

Characteristic: Hands

(the physical body)

Ask Dog for help with offering unconditional love:

Help me to develop the qualities of faithfulness, trust and loyalty, that I may be a true friend.

(c) This image of a dog was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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DOG is our companion, friend and guardian, in this world as well as the next. Whenever dog appears, he reminds us to be loyal, constant and trustworthy as well as always offering unconditional love.

In the Druid tradition the dog is the Guardian of the Mysteries and is known as Cu. The great Irish hero known as Cuchulainn was a title rather than a name and he was called "Hound of the King" as a recognition of his loyalty.

If your intentions are good, the Celtic hound can guide you through the Otherworld to meet the Goddess, and Cu will also help you defend your values or protect what you hold sacred.

Good relationships are based on faithfulness, trust and loyalty, and dog can teach us about these qualities. Ask yourself if you value these qualities, and to what extent you - and your friends - express these values. If you find it hard to keep friends, studying dog will help you to develop the qualities of selflessness and trust that can nurture friendships. Just make sure that you trust the right people - sometimes a dog's loyalty can be abused by a cruel master.