Element: Earth

Characteristic: Hands

(the physical body)

Ask Dingo for help with group dynamics:

Let me work within the hierarchy to achieve my goals and to use my hidden knowledge to secure my place in the food chain. Let me embrace the lessons of survival and of loyalty to my group.

(c) This image of a dingo was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Dingos are Australia’s greatest survival story; despite dog fences and punitive laws dingoes are found all over mainland Australia. Even though the purebreds should now be very rare, research now shows that the dingo is the only wild dog that can breed back to the original dingo DNA in three generations.

Dingos are hunters who can live in a pack or live as individuals who meet at intervals to hunt, whatever suits their current environment. Dingos will take whatever prey is available at the time, from insects to large kangaroos or even your ham sandwich if you are trusting enough to leave your lunch unguarded. A dingo pup came out of the bush one evening to share my fish and chips on a beach, before I even realised that I had invited company to dine with me.

The dingo is a true wild dog. Although individual dingos will breed with domestic dogs, in a pack the dominant male breeds with the dominant female once a year and then the whole pack cooperates to help rear the pups.

It doesn’t matter now whether you choose to run with the pack or travel alone. Whichever you choose, you will always be successful. You can choose to return to your pack when you need them when you agree to always recognise the hierarchy of your pack. You honour the rituals of your chosen group and when you love, you give total loyalty and will fight for what you want to protect.

However, like dingo, you will know how to defend without actually getting into a serious brawl. You can use and understand body language, ritual, warning signs - you know now exactly who you are and where you fit into the bigger picture and, like dingo, you won’t fight unless you have to.

You know you have your native intelligence and rare cunning to help you succeed, whatever the odds.