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The Art of Timing:

Look up to the skies and See





This is a time of endings and closures and so also offers a new beginning. The Dark Moon is the time that’s safest for small nocturnal animals and for the hunted, when no sliver of moon appears in the sky.  It is the point of transition between waning and waxing.

If you have ever watched a tide turn from ebb to flow, you’ll know just how powerful but erratic this time can be.  Often the exact time of transition is when you’re asleep, but if you wish to work powerful magic a lunar calendar will give you the exact times of transition. This is the time of the Crone.  It’s a good time to rest, regenerate and regroup. The dark of the moon is a powerful time for going inside, to examine our unconscious and to look at our shadow selves. It’s powerful for psychic work, divination and delving into past life memories, as well as matters where the truth is at issue. But be warned, if you don’t really want to know the truth, don’t ask at the time of the Dark Moon, because the absolute truth is what you’ll get.

DJ Conway, in her book Moon Magick, recommends working to Arianrhod or the Lady of the Silver Wheel, at this time because Arianrhod of Wales is a Dark Moon Goddess. Her symbols are the cauldron and the white sow and her Silver Wheel may have been symbolic of the Zodiac with its signs being the wheel spokes. Arianrhod was also called High Fruitful Mother, Star Goddess, Sky Goddess and Goddess of Reincarnation. Her palace was called Caer Arianrhod, or Aurora Borealis. Arianrhod dispenses wisdom and impartial law to all who approach her. She can be hard, but she is always just, as she holds court in her palace in the stars.

Arianrhod’s reputation for tough justice is illustrated by the story that she refused to give a name, or arms, or find a wife for one of her sons. This meant that the boy did not exist, could not be recognized by the clan, and would never marry, because these three things were the prerogative of the mother to bestow in Celtic society.

In the old bard’s tales, Arianrhod birthed two boys. One son, Dylan, became the Lord of the Waves when he went to live as a seal. The other was initially denied a name, arms or a wife, until he was befriended by his uncle Gwydion, the great trickster. Gwydion is so clever that he tricked his sister Arianrhod into naming, arming and even providing a wife called Blodeuwedd for her son, Llew Llaw, or little sure shot. Now admittedly Blodeuwedd was not human but was made from flowers, and another slight problem was that she wasn’t faithful, but that’s another story ….

A Dark Moon Meditation:

Encounter with Arianrhod

Close your eyes and travel with me; come with me up a silver shimmering stairway, shining from the stars.  Pause for a moment on your journey, as you realise that you are carrying with you baggage you don’t need on this journey.  You don’t need to take your worries with you on this journey. Look down at the ocean, at the majestic waves calmly rolling on and on and on.  The ocean sings a song to you in the starlight, telling you that you can safely leave your earthly worries here, in the earthly ocean.  Bundle your worries up and offer them to the ocean, who graciously accepts your bundle of worries.  See the worries bobbing gently on the swell, and know that they will be safe with the ocean. Straighten up and feel how light you have become, without your worries. 

Travel on, along the stairway, up and up, into the Silver Wheel of the Sky.  You find yourself in a glimmering crystal hall, where you travel between walls of glittering constellations of stars. At the end of the hall sits Arianrhod on a throne of crystal.  As you approach she puts a finger to her lips, and gestures you to be silent, to listen to the song of the stars.  At first you can hardly hear it, then as you listen closely the song becomes clearer and clearer. Some times the song sounds like a thousand birds.  Some times the song sounds like a million stars.  As you listen you begin to hear words and phrases which slowly build a pattern for you.  The song of the stars is for you, and only for you.  It answers your questions directly and powerfully, direct to your mind.  Nothing is hidden from the Lady of the Moon and the Stars.  Nothing is secret from the Lady of the Moon and the Stars.  She brings you wisdom that can be both cruel and kind, and sometimes is both.

The song, your song of truth, is ending.  You hear the song become softer and softer and gradually it fades completely away.  Now is your opportunity to ask Arianrhod if you need clarification of the song – but know that Arianrhod, The Lady of the Moon and Stars will tell you truth. Do not ask if you already know. Arianrhod will know if you are only testing her, so be polite.

Thank the Lady of the Moon and Stars for her courtesy and the truth she has shared with you.  Bow as you leave Her presence, and travel back, back along the crystal halls, back along the halls of stars to the stairway of light.  Travel down the stairway, down to Earth.

Pause as you travel over the ocean, where you see your worries bobbing gently still on the swell. The ocean offers to keep your worries for you, should you wish.  However, if you wish, you can now choose to take your worries back with you.  The choice is yours alone, so choose well.

Now you have made your choice, travel with me back, back, back along the path here to where you began.  Back to your normal waking self. When you are ready, open your eyes, stretch, yawn, smile, because you have met Arianhrod, The Lady of the Moon and the Stars, who has given you the greatest gift.  She has given you truth.

Remember all you have learned.