Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Ask Crocodile for help

with independence:

Help me to maintain my independence and to fight for what is mine. Give me the wisdom to be ready to walk away if the prize isn’t worth the fight. Let me be honest with my emotions and to avoid deceit and sneaky behaviours. May I always remember that what you put out, you get back.

(c) This image of a crocodile was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Australia’s saltwater crocodiles grow up to seven metres long and are a large, long-bodied reptile covered in thick scales. They live anywhere from tropical to temperate coastal waters and even out at sea on islands and beaches.

Australia’s salties are known to eat any creature they can overpower. Nearly every Australian has a story about a friend who was stalked by a saltie, and a lot of the stories are unfortunately true.

Salties are patient, silent, cunning, and very, very fast when they are stalking their prey. Crocodiles can also be quite sneaky. You may need to overcome the temptation to be sneaky yourself to reach your goals easily – and do keep watch now for sneaky rivals who may be jealously watching you from cover.

Crocodiles are very caring mothers and guard their nest mound diligently until their babies hatch. However as soon as the young crocodiles can look after themselves the mother leaves them alone to find their own way.

Crocodiles show true independence; they live alone from the fingerling stage until they mate at around age 15 years; and then they live alone again, fiercely defending their territory against all comers. Crocodile reminds you to fight for what’s yours, but be ready to walk away if your claim is indefensible or if the territory no longer needs defending. Sometimes walking away or letting things go is an act of greater power than mindless defence.

Crocodiles also ask you to be honest about your emotions; remember that crocodile tears are false. Now is a good time to be truthful with yourself about your emotional health and not to allow yourself to be blinded by emotion. Look clearly at the truth and protect yourself from deceit, especially self-deceit.