Element: Water

Characteristic: Heart (your emotions)

Affirmation for bold action:

I will keep moving. I will not limit myself or my actions. I will be sociable, even while I remain independent. I will be watchful and alert and see every opportunity.

(c) This image of a crab was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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We all know the crab’s sideways scuttle but sometimes forget they can also swim and burrow. Your first message from crab is not to limit yourself to one response; you have a whole range of choices open to you.

Most crabs are scavengers found in all environments throughout Australia. At this time you can make yourself comfortable almost anywhere and also find almost anything you need in your life, if you look.

Although crab isn’t naturally aggressive and would rather negotiate, it can become quite belligerent when courting. At this time you need to be aware of your emotions and not to be tempted to respond automatically with emotion to every situation.

Most crabs have very strong muscles in their legs which means you need to develop stamina now. Use your strong legs to keep going and the ability to walk sideways to reach your goal in the current situation. You may feel as though you are being held back, or that you are walking through mud but if you try to run directly towards your goal now you may miss out altogether.

You can be sociable, but you still need to be independent of others and focus on what is best for you, as well as having the stamina to keep going when you need to.

You also need to stay watchful and alert. Crab’s head has stalked eyes to look in all directions; you too can look almost anywhere now. You need to be very aware in the current situation, and to be able to see all sides of the question. Like the mudcrab, you should be aware of external threats to your security now and choose your path carefully.

You also need to choose your environment carefully; when the tide goes out you need be cautious about being seen.