Look up to the skies and see ....  



COLL (Hazel) - Mercury is the planet of influence for Coll, the Hazel tree. 

People born between 5 August [an Lunasdal] and 1 September [an t-Sultainn] resonate to this planet.  Their personality opposites are Generous/Deceptive. 

The traditional Zodiac association is Leo and Virgo.  The tarot equivalent is the High Priestess.  The animal totem is the salmon. To the Celts, the salmon is the eldest and wisest animal, symbolising inspiration.  People born to the Hazel tree need to express their creativity or they can become morbid and introspective.

Hazel people are lively intellectuals.  They are both perceptive and artistic.  Their imagination and intelligence leads them to radical paths; their idealism helps them to teach others well.

Born under this sign, you are wise and have the ability to communicate ideas, making you capable of transforming the thoughts and opinions of others.