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Celtic astrology is part of the craft of divination, which is in itself part of an interlocking system of tribal beliefs which recognized a total of 36 crafts. The Celts also believed in reincarnation; it could take many lifetimes to master just one of the crafts; imagine how many lifetimes you would need to be awarded the supreme accolade of Master of All the Crafts. This is one of the reasons why the Celts were such fearless warriors; your main concern in this life was to die with honour to be remembered by the clan, secure in the knowledge that this was not the only life you would live.

The Druids, who were the Celtic religious leaders, developed a tree alphabet called the Ogham (pronounced owam). This alphabet was designed to be used only for the sacred and not for the secular life. Thirteen of the trees used as symbols in the tree alphabet were selected as totems for astrology and symbolised the characteristics of people born during that time. There are 13 symbols because the Celts worked to the moon rather than the sun and there are 13 full moons in a year. 

29 October - 24 November: Ngetal (the Reed)

25 November - 23 December: Ruis (the Edler)

24 December - 20 January: Beith (the Birch)

21 January - 17 February: Luis (the Rowan)

18 February - 17 March: Nuin (the Ash)

18 March - 14 April: Fearn (the Alder)

15 April - 12 May: Saille (the Willow)

13 May - 9 June: Huatha (the Hawthorn)

10 June - 7 July: Duir (the Oak)

8 July - 4 August: Tinne (the Holly)

5 August - 1 September: Coll (the Hazel)

2 - 29 September: Muin (the Vine)

30 september - 27 October: Gort (the Ivy)

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