Look up to the skies and see ....  


August 23 – September 22

Crocodile shares the same stars as the constellation of Draco, one of the original 48 constellations listed by Ptolemy in the 2nd century and famous for the cats-eye nebula.


Crocodile people are proud, passionate and masterful. They are also patient, silent, cunning and very, very quick when they see an opportunity. Usually they have great ambitions and a considerable interest in social activities. They are very caring parents and guard their young fiercely, but as their offspring grow to maturity, they know how to walk away to give their children room to experiment and to grow.


Crocodiles also know how to walk away without looking back if they decide that their territory is no longer worth fighting for. But if they do decide to fight for what is theirs and you have trespassed onto what they see as their territory, watch out! Even though crocodile people can be social, they are also strongly independent and capable of fighting with no holds barred for what they want. Crocodiles need to be truthful about their emotional health and not to allow themselves to be blinded by emotion. Remember that crocodile tears are false and can blind you to the truth of a situation, if you allow yourself to be led by your emotions.




Crocodile on riverbank,

North Queensland