Look up to the skies and see ....  



BEITH, or the Birch Tree, is the symbol for those born between 24 December [an Dubhlachd] and 20 January [am Faoilleach]. 

The Sun is their planet of influence.  The personality opposites for this sign are Happy/Immature.  The tarot equivalent is the Star.  The traditional Zodiac Association is Capricorn. The personality for this sign is renewal.  The Birch represented renewal and rebirth as it was the first tree in leaf after winter. 

Good organisers, leaders and strategists, Birch people are not deterred by misfortune.  They have a firm belief in their own ability, and believe that patience and hard work will triumph.  Although Birch people don’t often show affection, they are loyal to their selected friends.

The animal for Beith people is the white stag, which symbolises high ideals and aspirations.  The stag brings the qualities of grace, majesty and integrity. 

Birch people need a goal in life or they may become depressed and pessimistic.  According to Welsh tradition, the stag is one of the five oldest animals in the world; one of the five totem animals that are central to British tradition.  He carries on his back not only Merlin, but the King of Faery.

The gift, quality or ability for this sign is sensitivity to the otherworld, shape-shifting, journeying, and connecting to the element of Earth. You have unwavering inner strength and gladly lend support to those who rely on you. Purity of thought and a knack for realistic evaluation and quiet determination are also associated with this tree sign.