Element: Air

Characteristic: Head (your intellect)

Affirmation: I am confident that I can succeed when I work hard. I can accomplish tasks that initially look impossible, through perseverance and hard work. I am aware of body language, both mine and others. I will travel if this is the path I need to take to find my reward. I will always appreciate the sweetness in life and be willing to dance and sing my appreciation of my life.

(c) This image of a bee was created by Linda Karen Godden for the Australian Animal Oracle, and copyright for this image remains with Linda. Please do not copy without her permission.

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Someone once told me that aerodynamically, bees are just the wrong shape to fly. Lucky that no-one told the bees, so they fly anyway. The first lesson we can learn from bee is that anyone can accomplish the impossible, so long as they don’t know it is impossible. Now is a good time to ignore the advice of your friends, when they try to help you by insisting that you shouldn't follow your dream.

Most of Australia’s bee species are solitary: a female bee digs a nest in the ground or in wood. Australian bees that live in the ground also help turn over the soil, often much better than earthworms, so Australian bees are also symbolic of fertility and industry. As well as being a symbol of industry, bees remind us about the sweetness of achieving our goals through work. Ask yourself if there anything further you could do to make your life richer or sweeter? Don't be afraid to dig deep or to get your hands dirty when you work hard for your goal.

A few Australian bee species live in hives with fertile queens and male drones, supported by infertile workers like our better-known imported European honeybee. These hive bees use dance to tell other workers where the pollen is and how far away. You can learn a lot now about other people and their motives if you watch body language, and you also need to be aware of your body language if you don't want to broadcast your plans.

In the Northern hemisphere, Celts believed that if you listen closely at midnight on the longest winter’s night you will hear the bees hum together to welcome the birth of the divine child. If you listen closely, you can hear the hum of a promise of contentment and fulfilment in your life now, but you will need to work for it. You may need to work hard, to get your hands dirty, to focus to complete your task, or even to travel long distances to find work, but the bee promises prosperity as your reward.