Look up to the skies and see ....  


February 19 – March 20

The bat is found in the skies sharing the same stars as the constellation of Pegasus which is a large group of stars in the shape of a winged horse (or a bat). Even though bats look tough as leather, underneath they are fragile, very sensitive and easily hurt. They can be loners even in a crowd. Despite their surface calm, underneath they are processing a wealth of information because they are like radar and always switched on to receive. Bats consequently pick up a lot more information than most of us do. Bats are intelligent, sensitive, sometimes withdrawn as they process information, but bat people can also respond quickly and aggressively to a perceived threat. Bats have a great love of learning and store information easily for use later but bats do need to learn how to lighten up, to jettison old emotional baggage that they don’t need. If bats don’t get rid of every unnecessary particle of weight after feeding through their short alimentary canal, they can’t fly, just as human Bats may often find themselves weighed down by emotional clutter they no longer need.